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October 5, 2012
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Goldenrod by lylejk Goldenrod by lylejk
Took more then a few Goldenrod pics of late. Though I would make a texture out of part of one of them. :)
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This pattern can reduced to 512X512 with not serious issues. Though seamless, there is some issues with repeating subpatterns and I could have done something to re-distribute the density I suppose. :)
BringMeASunkist Oct 27, 2012  Student Digital Artist
The danger here is that I see the same basic dark-green pattern applied asymmetrically dozens of times. And the file isn't a power of two, which means if I were to put this in a game engine I would have to Photoshop it a good deal before it was usable. While Photoshopping though, I'd probably make a 256x256 chunk (so it's all unique and not nearly as repetitive) and repeat the UVs however many times as necessary, then apply another, similar layer with an alpha to mask the obvious repletion in this tile.
OK; made the texture 1024X1024 (so power of 2 compatible) as well as bigger so the repeating pattern won't be as obvious. Click link below for texture (limited storage size for free Deviant account; lol). :)

BringMeASunkist Oct 28, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I hate to say it man but I'd have to argue that the size of the texture is one of the smallest problems with the texture. The image is made of near identical values except for one dark green pattern, which makes it the most recognizable pattern. The problem with your texture is that the most recognizable pattern is very obviously copied many times over. Here is a quick illustration of what I'm talking about: [link]

Unfortunately, that sort of texturing makes this unusable as a texture. Have you seen any of the majoring texturing sites? None of their textures have clone stamped areas like yours, which allows artists to get more mileage out of each texture sheet.
Can't make everybody happy. I just do textures for my own use and share ones that I like with others. I hope you do find a good goldenrod texture that you can use for your project. :)
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